Leadership Team Development

Blend of 1:1 team coaching and workshops with measurable outputs


Unlock your leadership potential with Tess, a renowned executive coach in the UK. Tailored coaching programmes designed around your needs. Experience Tess’s warm, compassionate, and highly professional approach, leveraging strengths profiles and interactive methodologies. Achieve your goals with individual or team coaching sessions. Confidentiality guaranteed.


Executive Leadership Programme Outline:

Tess, widely acclaimed for her potent coaching, is frequently sought after by senior leaders and emerging team leads, often referred by CEOs who have experienced her impactful coaching and built strong trust and rapport with her. Tess customises each coaching programme to suit the unique needs of individuals, with a rate of £1250 per day or £295 per hour. For team coaching, the investment is £400 per hour, acknowledging that achieving the desired outcomes is paramount, even if it necessitates additional hours behind the scenes.

Leveraging strengths profiles, DISC communication style profiles, and interactive coaching methodologies, Tess engages teams through one-on-one sessions, group coaching, or dynamic workshops, all infused with her gregarious, warm, compassionate, positive, yet highly professional personality.

Here’s an example outline for a concise 3-month programme:

  1. Assessment Phase:
    • Each participant receives a book containing an assessment code.
    • Tess provides a comprehensive video explanation of the StrengthsFinder tool, accessible to all participants.
    • Participants complete the assessment and submit a PDF before their scheduled 1-hour coaching session.
  2. Workshop and Action Planning:
    • An in-person workshop or team retreat is arranged to reinforce the assessment learnings once all participants have completed their assessments.
    • During this session, collaborative discussions are held to determine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and agree upon action plans.
  3. Follow-up Session:
    • Participants are given the option of either a virtual team session or a 1:1 coaching call scheduled approximately one month after the workshop, providing an opportunity for further exploration and reinforcement of key insights.

For those interested in a more comprehensive annual programme, the journey begins with a thorough discovery diagnostic phase, followed by quarterly themes tailored to address specific developmental areas. Tess’s unwavering commitment to both individual and organisational growth is evident in her warm, compassionate approach, coupled with a highly professional demeanour. With a sales-oriented mindset, Tess brings boundless energy to her interactions, inspiring and motivating teams to reach their full potential. Confidentiality is rigorously upheld, ensuring a safe and trusting environment conducive to personal and professional development.