Live your best life today

What’s it like when you imagine your best self? Does it feel to you like an achievable goal, assuming you keep driving in the direction you’re already on, or could you benefit from some professional help?

Team or individual, at work or at home, Accelerator is your guide. Here to help you navigate your route, inspire and motivate you to change gear and explore a new road to a better you.

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of individuals and teams to transform their lives, setting and achieving their goals through a unique approach which fuses accredited skills such as DiSC profiling with our unique sense of fun and our human-centred approach.

We are living in an extraordinary time just now; a time when many people are expected to re-form into work, family and social lives as lockdown is lifted again, or adjust to a life which looks very different to how it was a year ago. We have a fantastic opportunity to build on human resilience as we re-form and re-connect.

Teresa Peters

Our core values


Our values lie at the heart of all we do at Accelerator; a safe space where you, or your team members, can explore the motivations, values and beliefs that make you tick. We believe in human-centred, solution-focused positive psychology; work that maximises people’s best elements and moves away from the negative. Our clients value our natural intuition, our solution-focused methodology, and our flexibility in approaches which include Zoom coaching, 1:1 work (when pandemic restrictions allow), short MOT sessions, DiSC profiling and walks and talks.

We reach the hearts of individuals and teams, walking alongside you with a highly empathetic approach focused on finding the best you for your best life. Honesty, authenticity, truth – our non-judgemental approach is beautifully simple and our neuroscience-based toolkit is transformational for individuals and teams.

Teresa’s personal story

Teresa Peters Disc ProfilingTeresa Peters’ gift to the world is in coaching others; individuals and teams, at work and in their personal lives, to achieve their best selves. Her experience of running her own business enterprises, working in large corporate settings, and meeting adversity head-on throughout her life, inform her approach in guiding and inspiring others as they negotiate all that life throws at them, including adjusting to life in a pandemic.

She is an optimistic motivator, an outgoing spirit with highly developed emotional intelligence, and an innovator who loves trying new things. A natural problem-solver, she’s an instinctive communicator and a highly valued brainstormer; gregarious, spontaneous and enormous fun to have around. Generous with praise, quick to smile and always on the lookout for positives. Her natural empathy lies behind a natural talent for lightening others’ spirits.

Her stock in trade is solution-focused positive psychology and strengths-based coaching; work that maximises people’s best elements and removes focus from negatives. Her clients value her natural intuition, her neuroscience-based methodology, and her flexibility – attributes which combine to inspire and motivate change for the better in those who work with her.

“After a number of years in senior management I wanted to improve my leadership skills and with the backing of my employer I was given access to executive coaching through CTG Group. Over the course of a year my coach, Teresa Parker, provided 13 executive 1:1 inspirational coaching sessions. From the outset my goal was to become a better role model, manager and leader but the results have surpassed my expectations. Teresa used my TILT profile to help me first have a better understanding of myself, which was truly revelational and, in hindsight, this makes perfect sense as to become a better you it helps to know who you are. I can honestly say that Teresa’s positive energy and upbeat personality, coupled with her coaching knowledge, skills and techniques have not only helped me achieve my workplace goals but also benefitted my personal life.


Peter Freeman Local Government Service Manager