Life coaching

Imagine how it would feel to know where you’re heading, to have your journey all mapped out and enjoy certainty in what it will take to get there. Imagine the thrill of hitting the accelerator and heading out to embrace your best you. This is life coaching, tailored to you, today, tomorrow, for life…


What’s it like when you imagine your best self? Does it feel to you like an achievable goal, assuming you keep driving in the direction you’re already on? What happens if you don’t change anything right now? Teresa has coached hundreds of people like you and is highly accredited as a Senior Practitioner Level Coach and Emotions Coach Practitioner. Book a complementary call with her and she will share a pre-coaching questionnaire with you and answer any questions. Investment for 6 sessions including profiles start at £1200 for self funding clients. A mini package is available subject to availability and is usually gifted to previous clients. Are you ready willing and able?

Coaching works because it’s all about you. When you connect with what you really want and take action, magical things can happen. At Accelerator, we walk alongside you with honesty and integrity, encouraging and inspiring you in recognising and unlocking the potential within.

Teresa is an inspiring and creative coach with loads of enthusiasm and energy. Her positivity is infectious and her sessions include practical exercises that are laser sharp, enabling solutions to be quickly adopted. When required, Teresa can challenge, and this creates the critical growth and change outcomes we all need when using a coach. She brings the ‘aha’ moments we all need.

You might want to achieve a major ambition in life, or you may simply feel in need of some help to regain your va, va, voom. Perhaps you’re unsure about your next step in life, your work, your relationship. Maybe you’re an impulsive, put-your-foot-down-and-go type, or maybe you sit with your foot hovering over the accelerator and keep stalling. Whatever your style, we help you to find certainty in the best road to take and accelerate your journey to your best you.

Simply put my 6 weeks of coaching with Teresa were transformative!Teresa’s super power was finding techniques and ways of working that really clicked, maximising the potential of our time together. Even amongst the more challenging topics we covered, Teresa brought light and humour and was constantly evolving her methods of coaching to suit my learning.I hope our paths cross again soon and I couldn’t be more appreciative of the joy and enlightenment Teresa gave me in our sessions together.

Now imagine how it would feel to know where you’re heading, to have your journey all mapped out and feel absolute certainty in what it will take to get there. At Accelerator, we help you to navigate your chosen path, inspire you to explore routes less travelled, confidently find your way and embrace this, the next step in your best life. Are you ready?