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Every team – including the most effective – needs to be nurtured in order to continue to grow, which is where our scientifically proven strategies come in. Whether you’re searching for team transformation or ongoing inspiration and motivation, our programmes put your teams firmly on track.

You’re probably already aware of the fact that the world’s most successful teams thrive on certainty: Certainty in their shared purpose, their instinctive synergy, clarity of communication, mutual support and more.

We specialise in transforming groups of colleagues into cohesive, contented and highly effective teams; igniting their motivation, increasing their engagement, enhancing communication, and guiding them in achieving shared goals. In addition, our developmental approach is designed to boost the performance of an entire working group, creating a positive ripple effect across organisations large and small.

Giving a team the opportunity to experience an external influence, with someone who is completely free of bias and corporate agenda, is proven to increase effectiveness, engagement and shared achievement. While professional 1:1 coaching is generally reserved for a small number of highly privileged individuals, team coaching is a highly cost-effective means of accessing the same scientifically proven methodologies to boost group achievements.

Teresa is a certified Advanced Virtual Team coach practitioner. We can deliver workshops and team-building session in person or virtually, while our integrated programmes comprise at least 6 months of support in connecting teams, including 1:1 input with individual group members.

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 Group coaching

It is useful to distinguish between team and group coaching. Group coaching involves any group of individuals, usually entrepreneurs or middle managers, who may not previously know one another and may differ in their needs and ultimate aims.

Life and Business Coaching in a group setting can be incredibly positive. Participants take accountability, are energised by one another, and gain access to invaluable coaching tools. It is also a valuable opportunity to learn life lessons from the group’s collective wisdom which manifests in networking, brainstorming, and learning from shared experiences.

Group Coaching is an affordable means of accessing executive development and coaching in a collaborative environment, and we intersperse 1:1, laser or speed coaching elements to complement the group sessions.

Group coaching is a very useful forum in which to interact with other business owners, explore ways of facilitating personal development and practise techniques to enhance problem-solving, communication and collaboration. It is also an excellent opportunity to reflect on one’s own personal qualities, strengths and development areas in ways which many business owners may not ordinarily prioritise.

Ian Dougall

Director, Unisus