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Every team – including the most effective – needs to be nurtured in order to continue to grow, which is where our scientifically proven strategies come in. Whether you’re searching for team transformation or ongoing inspiration and motivation, our tailored workshops and programmes put your teams firmly on track.

With a background as an emotions coach practitioner and marathon runner, Teresa is adept at delivering workshops focused on wellbeing and growth mindset. Her credentials speak for themselves, as she has worked with esteemed organisations such as English Heritage, Red Olive, Councils, CEO’s of CDFI’s and their teams and NHS Board level Executives. Teresa’s approach isn’t just about coaching teams; it’s about fostering an environment where every individual feels valued, engaged, and psychologically safe.

By offering teams the opportunity to experience an external influence, free from bias and corporate agenda, Teresa enhances effectiveness, engagement, and shared achievement. While professional 1:1 coaching is typically reserved for a privileged few, team coaching provides a cost-effective means of accessing scientifically proven methodologies to boost group achievements.

Whether it’s monthly or quarterly senior management team meetings, leadership skill enhancement sessions, or immersive team-building days, Teresa adapts her methods to suit your organisation’s rhythm and goals. Often, trust is built through one-on-one coaching with leaders, who then eagerly invite Teresa to work her magic with their teams.

At Teresa’s coaching sessions, we specialise in transforming groups of colleagues into cohesive, contented, and highly effective teams. By igniting motivation, enhancing communication, and guiding teams towards shared objectives, we create a ripple effect of positivity throughout organisations, large and small.

Let Teresa lead your team on a journey of growth, empowerment, and unparalleled success. Together, let’s build a future filled with certainty and achievement.

Teresa ran a fantastic session for my team of around 30 ICT professionals as we got together as a group for the first time after Covid. Tess’ style was engaging and knowledgeable; focusing us on wellbeing and team bonding and keeping everyone engaged and interested.



Teresa is a certified Advanced Virtual Team coach practitioner. We offer workshops and team-building sessions that can be conducted either in person or virtually. Our integrated programmes provide a minimum of 6 months of support in connecting teams, including one-to-one input with individual group members.

Group Team coaching certified

 Group coaching accelerator

It is useful to distinguish between team and group coaching. Group coaching involves any group of individuals, usually entrepreneurs or middle managers, who may not previously know one another and may differ in their needs and ultimate aims.

Life and Business Coaching in a group setting can be incredibly positive. This is set for people in similar situations but from different business and perspectives. Participants take accountability, are energised by one another, and gain access to invaluable coaching tools. It is also a valuable opportunity to learn life lessons from the group’s collective wisdom which manifests in networking, brainstorming, and learning from shared experiences. We always contract and it is 100% confidential.

Group Coaching is an affordable means of accessing executive development and coaching in a collaborative environment, and we intersperse 1:1, laser or speed coaching elements to complement the group sessions.

Teresa was asked by NEL Fund Managers to deliver a series of workshops as part of NEL’s Growth Accelerator specifically designed for businesses looking to work within the healthcare sector. Teresa is a skilled and intuitive coach, with some businesses needing support to develop a growth mindset, others to challenge their leadership skills and all to be innovative in their thought process she had her work cut out, however the feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Knowing what challenges the NHS and other healthcare service providers faced she was able to deliver workshops and 1:2:1 bespoke coaching covering; resilience, confidence building, self-initiative, prioritisation, and motivation. I would highly recommend Teresa and Accelerator Coaching

Carolyn McGregor