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 Executive coaching

At Accelerator Coaching, we specialise in guiding, inspiring and motivating executives, emerging leaders and entrepreneurs; individuals at various stages of their professional lives who seek a safe space to be heard, clarity in their thinking, and positive, evidenced-based support in powering up their ideal work-life balance.


Our human-centred approach to executive coaching is informed by the neurosciences behind how the world’s most successful leaders, managers and entrepreneurs think, communicate, and manage their emotions. How they are able to instinctively access their strengths and talents, focus with clarity, and eliminate the limiting thoughts that can undermine performance.

Entrepreneurs and executives call on Teresa when their work-life balance is out of kilter, when they feel they are so focused on the tasks in hand that they lose sight of the bigger picture. They also come to us when they simply need to be heard in a safe space.

An empathic professional highly experienced in coaching-based neurosciences and active listening, Teresa is an encouraging and inspiring thinking partner, applying her talent for ideation, her experience as co-founder of a publishing company, and her corporate experience to guide her clients in identifying useful perspectives and their way forward.

Each coaching engagement draws on 25 years of enabling others and hundreds of hours of coaching knowledge and expertise. And every session is tailored to each individual’s needs and goals. The positive results our work can produce include:

Increased resilience
Increased understanding of self and others
Focus and clarity
Increased wellbeing
Better time management
Enhanced communication strategies for better relationships

Coaching choices include 30-minute speed coaching accelerators and programmes of 6-12 hours full-service coaching. These can be run virtually internationally, or in person in North East England.

Teresa is proud to work with CTG Group for whom she facilitates workshops and enjoys coaching individuals and teams from Country Managers at Red Hat EMEA and Executive Leaders in Councils.