Executive coaching

 Executive coaching

At Accelerator Coaching, we offer in person coaching to north east based people and video call world wide. We specialise in inspiring and motivating executives, emerging leaders and entrepreneurs; individuals at various stages of their professional lives who seek a calm safe space to be heard, clarity in their thinking, and positive, evidenced-based support in powering up their ideal work-life balance. Our clients include NHS Senior Executives, CEO’s IT Scale Ups, Directors in Councils and North East Entrepreneurs.

Our caring compassionate approach to executive coaching is informed by the neurosciences behind how the world’s most successful leaders, managers and entrepreneurs think, communicate, and manage their emotions. How they are able to instinctively access their strengths and talents, focus with clarity, and eliminate the limiting thoughts that can undermine performance.

Entrepreneurs and executives call on Teresa when their work-life balance is out of kilter, they want to increase their confidence and resilience or reignite their passions. 

I hugely stepped out of my comfort zone and joined a panel…. On stage…. For the first time! 🙈
I was absolutely terrified. But I knew this was the perfect event to do it. Defence Women’s Network is about promoting inclusivity, but it also about creating that platform to give you the confidence to do what you want to do. And I did just that! I shared why I was terrified and how in the past I viewed my stammer as a blocker for most things. Whilst I was up there, I realised very quickly, I was blocking myself and I CAN do this 💪🏽 I’m already gagging for another mic! I do need to mention Teresa Peters… boxxe funded a coach for me to help with my confidence. And Teresa was absolutely amazing. She encouraged me to reflect on my career and all the achievements and stop assuming I don’t belong….

Ladies and gentlemen – Teresa Peters 👏🏼

An empathic professional highly experienced in coaching-based neurosciences and active listening, Teresa is an encouraging and inspiring thinking partner, applying her talent for ideation, her experience as co-founder of a publishing company, and her corporate experience to guide her clients in identifying useful perspectives and their way forward.

Each coaching engagement draws on 25 years of enabling others and hundreds of hours of coaching knowledge and expertise. And every session is tailored to each individual’s needs and goals. Teresa asked a Senior Executive on the NHS Board to give 3 statements about how the coaching has enabled them and this is what their feedback:

  1. Understand my strengths and focus on success.
  2. Rebuild confidence and resilience.
  3. Build resolve that I’m doing the right thing. A sounding board that is independent and objective.

Our Coaching is tailored to suit your needs. Usually we offer 4 to 6 one hour or 90 minute sessions depending on your preferred communication style. Profiling and videos are used in between sessions to complement the immersive coaching conversations you will have. Tess has gone on to work with individuals for 2 years and others have developed trust to the point they invite her in to work with their team. These are in person in North East England or Teresa will travel across the UK and she is also available worldwide on video call.

Teresa is a proud associate for world class companies for whom she facilitates workshops and enjoys coaching individuals and teams and is also coaches Senior Executives in the NHS Northumbria Trust.