Understanding yourself and raising your self-awareness is fundamental before you can run a successful business or get along with people in this life.

Would you like to be able to understand people in minutes instead of months? Would you like to be able to identify their preferred communication styles and adapt your own, so you can build instant rapport?

We all have different preferences in terms of how we like to communicate and how we like people to share with us.

There are two types of people in the world, there are task-oriented people, and there are people-oriented people. Some of us think before we act, and others act first and think about it afterwards. How useful would it be to know how best to effectively communicate with your clients, your family and your friends, so that you can maximise your business and life potential?


By completing an official DiSC questionnaire, online in just 7 minutes, you’ll receive a 17-page report. I then embed and coach these findings over a 90 minute coaching session, in a confidential, non-judgemental setting.

I love DiSC. It’s simple but not simplistic.


There are four types of people; D – Dominant I – Influencing S – Stable or steady C – Compliant

We are all a blend of those people that make up our world, and you see those people all the time. The DiSC report goes into great detail. However, you can identify an idea of who you are and your preferred communication style just by reading the lift scenario below.




D Style (Task-Oriented)

If you’ve ever walked up to a lift and you see the woman that presses the button, and then steps back and looks at the button again and then presses it, then taps it or holds it in the hope that the lift must surely arrive faster – then that is the D personality style. – They’re dominant and direct. They are drivers, they want to control their environment and want to do something to make something happen in their world and so they will keep their thumb on that button until the lift comes.

I Style (People-Oriented)

Now, once the doors open, and everyone walks into the lift, and they close, the I Style personality starts talking to people because once the doors closed, she knows she has a captive audience. They’re the influencers. They’re the ones when the door opens, goes to third-floor lingerie shouting ‘Enjoy your day’.

S Style (People-Oriented)

The S style accounts for the majority of the population. These people are stable, steady and very relational. They are people, people. If the lift door is starting to close, but there’s somebody that may or may not be wanting to get on, they’ll stick their hand out and say, ‘There’s plenty of room Come on in’. At this point, the D is back there going, ‘Oh come on, I’ve got to go’. The S will say ‘I’ll just take the stairs’, to let somebody else on in their place.

C STYLE (Task-Oriented)

C Style is the woman that’s very quiet and off to the side, and she’s standing there looking at the plaque that says, maximum weight – 3700 pounds, and she’s calculating body weight. She will leave the lift if another person gets on. She’s the woman that notices when the next inspection date is due.

So, now that you know the four personality styles. Which one are you? If you’d like to know more about each style, your biggest fears and drivers and how to communicate with each type then why not send an email asking for more information. I’d be delighted to enable you on your journey of DiSCovery.