English Heritage

Project Objective:

The objective of this project is to leverage the strengths of a new growing team of now 12 members, enabling them to explore their values and strengths in a supportive environment through a combination of in-person coaching, workshops and online integration sessions.


The project began with a day in-person coaching and facilitation designed to create a safe space for the team to delve into their values, positive psychology, and confidence. The team engaged in interactive exercises, discussions, and activities that facilitated self-discovery and introspection. Bespoke workbooks were provided to guide participants through the process and encourage active engagement.

The Outcome

The project yields a series of positive outcomes that contribute to the team’s growth and cohesion.

Ongoing Integration Sessions: The success of the initial in-person workshop leads to the implementation of ongoing integration sessions. These sessions occur when required and consist of a mix of in-person and online interactions. This hybrid approach ensures that team members can continue to connect and embed and learn from one another, regardless of their physical location.

1:1 Coaching:  1:1 coaching sessions delivered – aimed at enhancing their clarity and focus towards achieving success. The individualised approach allows team members to receive tailored guidance and support.

Trust Building: The presence of Teresa Peters, a dedicated coach, fosters an environment of trust among team members. As a result, the team develops a strong rapport not only with Teresa but also with their leader, Sophia and with each other.

“Through the Values, positive psychology, and coaching sessions led by Teresa Peters, our team has transformed into a closely-knit unit. The integration of in-person and online interactions has bridged geographical gaps, allowing us to learn from each other’s strengths and values. The ongoing sessions nurture a culture of continuous growth, while Teresa’s individualised coaching provides us with the clarity and focus needed to achieve our goals. This experience has not only strengthened our team but has also deepened the bond of trust between myself, the team, and Teresa.”


Sophia. Team Leader, English Heritage

In conclusion, the project successfully combines in-person and online integration sessions to foster a cohesive team culture, capitalise on strengths, and explore values. The ongoing engagement through quarterly sessions and personalised coaching contributes to improved focus, trust, and overall team success.